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Access Control Systems

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Access Control Systems

SATCOM is an expert in installing access control technology, including market-leading access control system brands. We provide a secure and cost-effective advanced integrated access control system for different properties.

- The standalone access control system is a cost-effective and easy-to-install system. It can only be used in one area and is not associated with the network in similar  locations.

- The integrated access control system is a role-based multi-entry site access control system, which is connected to monitoring stations in large hospitals, hotels, and commercial centers. We install and maintain a piece of equipment to work with customers of all sizes and types of control point solutions and site planning. We even link the access control systems of organizations on different continents and feed them back to the central control location.


RFID Card Solutions


HID Signo readers

HID iCLASS SE readers

HID card credentials

Octopus card reader iCard EM / Mifare card reader ZKTeco attendance & access controller


Mobile Access Solutions


HID Bluetooth / NFC mobile access

Octopus NFC mobile access

iCard Dynamic QR code mobile access


Biometric Access Solutions


HID fingerprint reader / controller

ZKTeco face & palm controller

iCON face / fingerprint controller


Network Access Controller




iCard TCP/IP door access controller

 iCard WiFi / TCP/IP door access controller

 iCard 4G door access controller


iCard TCP/IP lift (mailbox/locker) controller

 iCON TCP/IP door access controller

 iCON TCP/IP lift (mailbox/locker) controller


 ACS iEXP door access controller

 ACS iEXP lift (mailbox/locker) controller

 ACS EXP-06E / ACS-02E access controller


Standalone Access Control


HID Edge EVO Solo series controller

iCard mobile / card / pin access controller

iCard card / pin access controller


ID Card Printer




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