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Our Company

Satcom Systems International Co., Ltd. founded in 1995 and renamed Satcom Systems Engineering Ltd. in 2004, it is now one of the leading providers of security, access and attendance control systems technology and software in the region. Our products and systems are already distributed in hundreds of offices and factories in major countries in Hong Kong and China. Our goal is always to produce the best products and systems for the local market, designed to take into account the needs of our customers – offering a wide range of products and systems to meet the needs of a wide range of commercial applications.

Our History

SATCOM's success is based on a simple concept of maintaining products that are always at the cutting edge of technology and providing a high level of support. Close cooperation between manufacturers, system designers and users is always the cornerstone of our approach. Since 1995, "ACS", "iCard", "iCON", "xBiocon", "Honeywell", "IDTECK" Access Control / Time Attendance System, "Octopus" IDm / IDi Access Control System, "HID" Security Identification System, "iCON", "xBiocon" & "ZKTeco" Palmprint, Fingervein, Fingerprint, Face Recognition System, "Dahua", "Hikvision", "Sureveillant" Surveillance System, and "iCON", "Smart-P" Patrol System works with our company in Hong Kong and other leading technology suppliers around the world to enable us to develop systems and products that truly meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's users.

Our Philosophy

The basic philosophy of SATCOM is to provide a fully integrated solution that covers a single system that meets all customer needs. Our understanding of integration needs has made us one of the few companies in the region to integrate services and products in manufacturing, hardware and software design into our customers' locations. Our record of using the right products at the right time in the right place shows that the vision and strategy in this area are still unparalleled, placing our users where they want them – taking advantage of changing paces to keep up with changing times The position of demand.

Our Licence & Certificate

HID Authorized Distributor Certificate Number : HID-05-01-032

Octopus Access Control System Certificate Number : TAT-14022

Hong Kong Security Company Licence (III) Number : 1284