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Away Detection Lighting Control System

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Away Detection Lighting Control System




The new generation ACS iEXP-AD-16 is a web-based control panel designed to provide an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to meet the needs of all entry-level applications. The system's built-in Web server allows users to use a standard Web browser to manage the remote detection and control system wherever they can connect to the Internet. This provides users with simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness without sacrificing control performance. The iEXP-AD-16 away detection control panel can automatically turn off these lighting devices when the last person leaves the office zone. You can automate office zones lighting devices and take care of everyday tasks with Away Detection settings in the web-based application. The user defines the timetable of the iEXP-AD-16 away detection control panel, which is used by the application to perform various tasks and functions according to the timetable. It can be used as a way to organize the date and time range to activate or deactivate away detection.

The sensors of the following devices can help determine if anyone is in the office:

- Passive infrared detector

- RFID detector

- Thermal camera

- Human detection camera

- People counting device

Product Features:

iEXP-AD-16 contains a LINUX embedded microcomputer and an 4-zone I/O control board, which has 4 "away detection" zones. Just connect the TCP/IP network cable from the iEXP-AD-16 control panel to the network, and then use a standard web browser to manage the "away detection" settings. iEXP-AD-16 can connect 3 sets of iEXP-AD-X4 4-zone I/O expansion unit. In this way, iEXP-AD-16 can control up to 16 "away detection" zones.



Web-browser application :

* Standard Web browser Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Firefox

* Complete system configuration through the web interface

* Manually back up the system database to the local client PC

* Password control login System 

System Functions:

- Offline Operation

- Holidays definition

- Monday to Sunday and Holidays time zones setting

- User-defined shutdown timer after away detection

- User-defined shutdown countdown alarm timer